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About Our Company

Robokul was inspired by the gurukul way of teaching where the connection between the teacher and the student in of utmost importance in learning. It is one of the first in India to bring in the maker education through robots and other DIY projects.

With over 2000 students taught for across ages, cities and towns in India, Robokul founded in 2009, celebrates in decade long anniversary this year.

Founded by NUS and ISB alumni as a hobby Maker club, it aims to connect passionate robotics professionals from the industry to students who have the love to learn. This has been the USP from the beginning. Alumni of Robokul now pursue Robotics as a career in elite universities, teach robotics and are into competitive robotics as well.

The courses are fun and purely experiential learning. Land up to see it proved!


Raghudeep Madineni


Raghudeep grew up making various DIY projects from the age of 8. The learning it brought while doing the DIY projects set in him a thirst to explore the world of electronics for years to come. Making projects out of junk electronics to something useful was a magical experience.This brought out a great sense of confidence and learning! His next natural step was to pursue this professionally. An MS in Mechatronics at the prestigious National University of Singapore in Mechatronics catapulted him to work with the top global robotics giants in the world. His learning stint in Singapore was so much, that he packed his bags one fine day in 2010 to come back to India with a purpose – To inculcate an interest in children early on and make them robotics professionals who can travel the world as proud Indians.

Sreekala Sunderrajan


Sreekala is a bundle of energy always exploring something new. As a computer Science Engineer with a keen flair for bringing people together, she played a crucial role in setting up Robokul. The set up went on to being so promising that she was selected as one of the top 120 women entrepreneurs in the country to be part of the sponsored 10000 programme by Goldman Sachs- Indian School of Business. A governors awardee at Literary excellence, Kengal Hanumanthaiyya awardee for sports ,she has a powerful presence in the corporate world in the area of public speaking. At Robokul, she now helps in bringing people together to make the platform of learning more interesting.